Universe in Your Hands

Step into an open-source, decentralized gaming universe
that redefines your multiplayer roguelike experience.

  • Time-traveling
    Roguelike Adventure

    Embark on a time-traveling journey through different universes to collect time crystals and fix the rip in time, including PvE puzzles and PvP realms with fierce time-beasts guarding the time rift.

  • Fully moddable
    & Forkable universe

    Unleash your creativity with our customizable "verses". Build custom quests and content in Lua to create a vast, interconnected universe that reflects your community's imagination.

  • Owned by decentralized

    Experience an open-sourced gaming world on multichain EVM networks. Store your player, infrastructure, and world data on a decentralized platform for open participation.

  • Generate worlds
    with AI's aid

    Step into the future with AI-driven generative content to spawn distinctive game worlds, evolve character systems, and create dynamic in-game content.

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Greetings! šŸŒŸ Welcome to the world of Verse8, where time-traveling tales and adventures await. May your journey be filled with excitement and discovery! šŸ˜„

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